Why I’m Not Going To Be Polite About Donald Trump

Donald Trump. The personification of stereotypical bigoted American ideals. The man who so blatantly hates and categorizes minorities. The orange, scrunched up face of the end of the world as we know it. His name evokes many different emotions in many different people. Indifference for some, pride for others, and for a large portion of the country including myself, blood-boiling anger.

Contrary to what this article may suggest about me, I can usually be polite about my political opinions. If you’re against abortion, fine. I’m not going to agree with you, but I won’t scream in your face or call you a monster. Your beliefs about gun control or healthcare aren’t necessarily going to make me question your fundamental values as a person. But when we have a man in office who has such sheltered ideals about the world and how it should work, I’m not going to be soft-spoken or engage in a polite argument about why dying children in Syria should be allowed to come to America which ends with the conclusion of “Let’s agree to disagree.”

No great change has ever come this way. Change is loud, change is commanding, and change isn’t silenced. I’m not suggesting a radical French Revolution shitstorm, but I’m saying that we need to continue the marches, continue the protests, continue the aggressive letters and phone calls to Congress. We need to fight, because we have elected a president who is Islamophobic, misogynistic, racist, and fascist and influences others to act this way as well.

This is a democracy. Unlike those living in Belarus or Burma, we have the ability to raise our voices. So don’t take that for granted. The state of bigotry and intolerance in America is too far gone to just be polite. Fight for your best friend who had slurs thrown at her about her religion by a stranger, fight for the girl at the bar who was raped because her skirt meant she was asking for it, fight for the people you know nothing about who are struggling due to this harmful set of ideals at the head of our government. Fight, scream, and stand up for justice, humanity, and love.

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