ABH Modern Renaissance Palette Review

In late November of 2016, I decided to finally buy the cult-favorite Modern Renaissance palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills (pronounced Ana-STAY-sha, not Ana-STAH-sha, as the snooty Sephora worker oh-so-politely corrected me.) The palette features several matte shadows, two highlighter-esque shimmery colors, and one metallic shade. The color scheme is made up of neutral tones and red tones, designed to imitate the colors commonly found in Renaissance paintings.

The Packaging

The packaging of this palette is beautiful, featuring a lavender-pink velvet cover and a well built base. The cover has an invisible magnetic snap feature so that none of the shadows accidentally fall out while storing the palette. The palette¬†is well-built, and after nearly 2 months of use it’s not worn down or breaking at all. There is a mirror, which is also an added bonus.

The Brush

To be frank, the brush that comes with the palette kinda sucks. The soft end of the brush is fine, but if you try using the rough black side of the brush, it does not end well. The eyeshadows are so soft and buttery that the coarse bristles scratch them up and cause extra fallout. Not to mention, the bristles scratch on your eyelids and it hurts. However, I don’t know anybody who actually expects a good brush to come with an eyeshadow palette so this isn’t a big problem at all.

The Colors

I am IN LOVE with the color scheme of this palette. At first I was intimidated by the dark reds and maroons, but I was shocked by how wearable they actually are. Because they blend out so well, a little maroon on the eyelid doesn’t look to extreme and can actually make a quite subtle look when paired with some of the nudes in the palette. This palette is also fantastic for night looks, and the shades pair great with a bit of glitter pressed over them. This is probably one of the most versatile palettes I own; it’s perfect for both a fancy dinner out or a day at the office.

The Formula

Modern Renaissance has hands down the best formula of any shadow – no – any MAKEUP product I’ve ever used. The shadows blend so easily and the colors are so buttery that at times it feel almost liquid. The shimmery colors are so creamy and capture light flawlessly, and as a whole the colors are so pigment-dense. There is minimum fallout and the shadows aren’t chalky at all. The only issue with them is that they do crease over a bare eyelid after a few hours, but a good primer should fix this issue.

The Verdict.

Overall, I give this palette a 4.7 out of 5 stars. The colors are amazing and versatile, and the formula is pure magic. The packaging is sleek, fashionable, and sturdy. If the brush was improved and the shadows didn’t crease, this product would get that last .3 of a star for sure. Until then, if you’re looking for an amazing palette that will be your makeup best friend until you hit pan, then you can buy the palette here.

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