Three Uses for Clear Mascara

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In my opinion, clear mascara is the most underrated type of makeup. Many people ask, “What’s the point? Why would I pay money for something you can’t even see?” But what they don’t know is that this makeup product can do a lot more than you think.

#1: Eyelash curler/lengthener

Obviously, clear mascara can be used on your eyelashes. It adds length and volume to your eyelashes and effortlessly curls them. They also work great for your lower lashes, as there is no risk of the dreaded under-eye smudge. Plus, if you accidentally rub your eyes, you won’t look like a raccoon!

#2: Eyebrow groomer

That’s right, clear mascara works great as an eyebrow groomer and shaper. If you have unruly brows, a few swipes of this will do a great job of making your eyebrows look neat and polished.

#3 Flyaway securer

Everyone has dealt with hair flyaways at some point, and they can really take away from your look. Luckily, clear mascara takes care of those. Just brush your flyaways with the wand for a much more professional look.

So, there you have it! Clear mascara may not be as useless as many take it to be. #ClearMascaraDefenseSquad

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